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2014 News

Winners! Winners! Chicken Dinners!

OK, there was no chicken involved, but the Circus was in town and three more lucky drivers and one more lucky worker took home extra cash from the Circus Cat Majors race at Road America as part of the generous program put together for the 2014 CenDiv Championship Series presented by TRO and C & P Installations.

Rich Rigda, Fred Sasser, and Ron Pawley have their names added to the list of driver who each have received $100, and Jane Soiney's name can be added to the list of workers who have recieved $50.

Rich Rigda also gets kudos for "paying it forward". When his name was called at the dinner, he immediately made a contribution to the workers in the name of Total Performance Racing!

The full list of winners:
Driver's School DoubleDriverBritt Casey, Jr.
Driver's School DoubleDriverBrittany Campbell
Driver's School DoubleDriverMark Amanda
Driver's School DoubleWorkerBert Hultman
Every Apex Counts MajorsDriverRick Bartuska
Every Apex Counts MajorsDriverSteve Kohli
Every Apex Counts MajorsDriverPeter Lesueur
Every Apex Counts MajorsWorkerDon Seefeldt
Harvey West Memorial Day ClassicDriverCharles Miller
Harvey West Memorial Day ClassicDriverMark Kauffman
Harvey West Memorial Day ClassicDriverGreg Meyers
Harvey West Memorial Day ClassicWorkerDeb Moritz
WeatherTech June SprintsDriverBill Meyer
WeatherTech June SprintsDriverTom Kraft
WeatherTech June SprintsDriverCharles Livingston
WeatherTech June SprintsWorkerJohn Mustonen
Carl Mueller FirecrackerDriverMatthew Van Zante
Carl Mueller FirecrackerDriverThomas Roberts
Carl Mueller FirecrackerDriverAngela Wiedenhoeft
Carl Mueller FirecrackerWorkerSimon Avery
Circus Cat MajorsDriverRich Rigda
Circus Cat MajorsDriverFred Sasser
Circus Cat MajorsDriverRon Pawley
Circus Cat MajorsWorkerJane Soiney

Be sure to thank Scott Sanda and Chris Pedersen for their support of this Series!

Circus Pictures!

Pictures from the latest CenDiv 2014 Divisional Championship Series presented by TRO and C&P Installations event, the 2014 Circus Cat Majors, can be found along with pictures from other CenDiv Series events on our Pictures page HERE.

Go take a look, and be sure to thank the contributing photographers!

2014 Kettle Moraine Double Divisional

Don't Let the Name Fool You!
Registration is now open for the 2014 Kettle Moraine Double Divisional! In spite of this being the "2014 Kettle", it is actually the first chance to score points in the 2015 CenDiv Championship!

Register HERE.

The entry packet can be found HERE.

Clarification of CenDiv Series Compliance Requirements

A letter was issued on June 20 to clarify some of hte recent rule changes with respect to qualifications for the CenDiv Championship Series presented by TRO and C & P Installations. The primary focus was to remind participants that the requirement for pre-registration was dropped, but the requirement to run series stickers remains. The complete letter may be found HERE.

CENDIV Series News

Updated rules for the CenDiv 2014 Divisional Championship Series presented by TRO and C&P Installations can be found HERE. Updates include the elimination for the need to pre-register!

See the most recent points HERE

CenDiv Series Award Recipients

At the Driver's School weekend two awards were given out. One to Jim Dentici and one to Bob Clark for their dedication to CENDIV as driver instructors. Flowers and a card were given to Tracey Gauper as the Administrative Assistant for Jim and Bob.

Here is the content of those plaques:

As an organizing group we seek individuals who can do the job. We seek out those with a proven history; the accomplished, the talented, the best resource matching the task at hand. Once made, you hope your selection is correct and that the results are positive.

As a student your expectations are different. You yearn for knowledge, communications, encouragement and some compassion.

For many years CenDiv has been fortunate in knowing what we sought was found. Two individuals, who, on their own, each fulfill the role, complete the task and made the choice the RIGHT ONE.

Students have been rewarded with proficiency in the how, explanation of the why and expertise in the art.

The teacher’s reward is watching students learn their roles and observing their continuing improvement in competition.

All the members of CenDiv, all the student drivers and our Sport have benefitted from the outstanding dedication and contributions of Jim Dentici and Bob Clark!

Area Five CenDiv SCCA, Inc.
April 5, 2014

2014 Emergency Action Plans

2014 Emergency Action Plans for the tracks in CenDiv can be found HERE
You will be required to provide basic login information to view or download. This link is also available at the bottom of the Club Racing page.

CENDIV Divisional Race Program and Championship, for 2014

Thanks to our generous Sponsors the trophy fee structure for the CENDIV Divisional Championship has been modified - see below!

2014 Press Release

Approved Program Outline - MODIFIED

MODIFIED Trophy Fee Structure

CENDIV Divisional Championship Series presented by TRO and C&P Installations

Registration is Now Open for the 2014 CenDiv TRO Club Racing Championship presented by C&P Installations.

The finishing touches are being put on the rules, but registration for the 2014 CenDiv TRO CenDiv Championship presented by C&P Installations, but registration is open on MotorsportsReg. Registration is free, and the racing season is right around the corner!

Register HERE.

CENDIV 2014 Spring Training

Registration now open! Click HERE to register!

CENDIV 2014 Road Racing Schedule

UPDATED 2014 Road Racing Schedule, as of April 07, 2014 (PDF)


CENDIV Board of Directors, Minutes of the Meetings

Annual Meeting, March 4, 2013

November 13, 2013

Trophy winners from the 2013 Tirerack Solo National Championships

1st ES - Bartek Borowski
1 st DPL - Anne Robinson
1st STC - Jason Frank
1st BM - Dan Cyr
1st DML - Denise Cashmore
1st DM - Jeff Cashmore
1st RTF - Adam Barber
2nd ES - Hubert Borowski
2nd STXL - Gretchen Austin
2nd STR - Colin Fiedler
2nd KML - Kate Regganie
2nd RTA - Rusty English
3rd ES - Greg Janulis
3rd STXL - Katie Lacey
3rd SSP - Alek Tziortzis
3rd CP - Darrel Padberg
3rd RTR - Patrick Washburn
3rd FJA - Tom Regganie
4th ES - Jim Malone
4th STS - Andrew Canak
4th STX - Lance Keeley
4th RTR - Trevor Jones
5th SS - Chris Fenter
5th STF - John Mensch
5th STX - Neal Tovsen
5th DM - Jeremy Ellerby
6th ES - Wes Jenrich
6th STF - Chris Perry
6th STC - Josh Kolbach
6th RTF - Adam Deffenbaugh
6th RTA - Sam Karp
7th STX - Bart Hockerman
9th STX - Preston Jordan
10th RTR - Jason Kuks
14th STR - John Ma
15th STX - Mike Brausen

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